South Carolina: Ooey Gooey Gingersnaps

South Carolina’s cookie is a spicy molasses cookie stuffed with rich, creamy chocolate hazelnut spread.

Recipe source:

I’m back! We had a heat wave over the weekend, but today was rainy and cooler. I figured this was my chance to finally bake these cookies, which I bought the hazelnut spread for a few weeks ago. Gingersnaps and Nutella, guaranteed good, right?

Or should I say “Not-tella”?
My secret to getting the molasses to let go of the measuring cup.
Gabe got to gradually add the dry ingredients again.
The recipe mentioned the dough getting stiff
Blame the weather, but it was really soft. I had to chill it an hour to work with it.
Like with previous stuffed cookies, the pinch pot and cap method works best. I used my tablespoon scoop for each half, and a sandwich bag with a corner snipped to pipe the filling in.
Poofy when first removed from the oven…
… flat after a few minutes cooling.

Overall impressions: I’m not sure why I didn’t get the “pillowy goodness.” I let my butter get too soft? Gabe’s adding the dry was too gradual? Should have chilled longer (the recipe didn’t say to at all)?

Whether or not they look ideal, the taste is there. There’s something about the chocolate that really complements the spices. For some reason I started thinking about pfefferneuse, which I haven’t eaten for years much less made. They turned out pretty big, 3-4″ across.

Next time: Kuchen cookie cups for South Dakota. I have never had kuchen so I’m looking forward to this.

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