Well you see, when you get into cooking, then your grandmother gets you a subscription to Taste of Home, then you decide to go to culinary school… You end up with a huge recipe collection. Lots of things to drool over that you know you’ll never get around to making. That is, unless you make a project out of it.

Truthfully it would probably take several lifetimes to get through every recipe I have (plus I’m still getting the magazine every couple of months), but you gotta start somewhere. It’ll probably be even slower going considering I have a seven month old baby and can only really do a project like this when someone else is around to tend to him so I’m not up to my elbows in batter while he’s screaming for a diaper change.

I’ll hoping for one entry per week. I won’t post recipes (copyright and all) but I’ll link to them if they’re online and otherwise cite my source. I’m not going to step by step it necessarily. It’s more of a “I made this thing and this is what happened and what I thought of the result.” With cell phone photos! I didn’t take the Food Styling class when I was at school and it’ll probably show.

About me: I’m a married mother of one with an associate degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from Southern New Hampshire University. Currently staying home with my baby but in the past I’ve decorated cakes, baked artisan bread, made desserts for a restaurant, and cooked in a high school cafeteria.