So what’s all this about?

Well you see, when you get into cooking, then your grandmother gets you a subscription to Taste of Home, then you decide to go to culinary school… You end up with a huge recipe collection. Lots of things to drool over that you know you’ll never get around to making. That is, unless you make…

Georgia: Peach Snickerdoodles

Georgia’s cookie features the state’s signature peaches and sneaks sweet potato into a vegan snickerdoodle.

Florida: Key Lime Cookies

Florida’s cookies are a chill and slice cookie with zest and juice from key limes, dusted with confectioner’s sugar.

Alaska: Berry Baked Alaska Cookies

Alaska’s cookie has a scoop of vanilla ice cream, mixed berries, and a mound of toasty meringue on a cranberry-studded shortbread cookie base.

That’s my jam

Well, I may be getting to bake those Arizona cookies this weekend (or tomorrow; we’re due for a blizzard), because the prickly pear jelly came in, yay! No wonder shipping was so cheap; it was packed in a bubble envelope! It was also wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap, so unless someone crushed it,…

Sorry for the radio silence

I’m still here! My husband’s birthday was this weekend and I made him a completely from scratch (we’ll, it’s not like I made the Graham crackers that the crust was made from) banana cream pie, one of his favorites. That means the baby let me make the crust and homemade custard without a fuss. What…