So what’s all this about?

Well you see, when you get into cooking, then your grandmother gets you a subscription to Taste of Home, then you decide to go to culinary school… You end up with a huge recipe collection. Lots of things to drool over that you know you’ll never get around to making. That is, unless you make…

King Arthur Flour: Classic Sandwich Bread with Tangzhong Variation

This bread is the closest I’ve ever come to replicating a store-bought, big-name bakery, soft, white bread loaf. Using a Japanese technique called “tangzhong,” a portion of the flour is cooked with a portion of the water into a slurry that allows the flour to hold more water, creating a soft, fluffy bread that stays…

Taste of Home: Simple Stollen

More akin to a biscuit with its baking powder-leavened dough, this stollen has a soft, moist crumb with almond and vanilla flavor and sweet bits of candied fruit and raisins.

King Arthur Flour: English Muffin Toasting Bread

Need bread but don’t want to knead bread? This delicious white bread starts as a yeast and baking soda leavened batter that mixes fast, has lots of flavor, and bakes up with plenty of nooks and crannies to hold golden melted butter or sweet preserves.