Oklahoma: Pecan Pie Cookies

Oklahoma’s cookie is a thumbprint filled with a pecan pie-like filling with mini chocolate chips.

Recipe source: https://www.bobsredmill.com/recipes/how-to-make/pecan-pie-cookies/

I apologize for the week’s delay in this installment: the boys and I were down with the sickness (a cold that knocked us on our butts for a week). I barely cooked dinner last week, never mind baked anything. My Mother’s Day was not the best in memory, in other words. But today my hubs took the squirt to visit Grandma and Grampa so I’m writing up this blog post (actual cookies baked on Thursday).

Cookie family photo.

Yup, this cookie calls for softened butter and oil, so as you can imagine the dough was very soft. My mom tasted one and said it reminded her of spritz cookies. It would have been soft enough to put through a cookie press.

After the sugars, butter and oil are blended, it looks almost like frosting.
Very soft dough, after adding the flour.
Filling family photo.
My son wanted to bring his mixer up on the counter too. He started filling it with water and eventually flooded the whole countertop with my dirty dishwater before I noticed. -__-‘
After filling the cookies I still had leftover so I’m planning on topping ice cream with it.

As I mentioned, the dough is very soft and it needs to be in ball form to make a proper thumbprint, so if you don’t have a scoop I suggest you chill it so you can roll it by hand.

The recipe says to dip the bottom of a small cup in granulated sugar and use it to make the wells, so I used my measuring shot glass and it was pretty perfect for tablespoon-sized scoops (yet another recipe that didn’t define scoop size).

If I had to guess, it was about half a teaspoon of filling per cookie, but if you pile it high all it’ll do is maybe run down the sides when it bakes, which may look less perfect but taste amazing, so your call.

I piled these suckers high.

Overall impressions: Delicious! The chocolate kind of takes over any pecan pie flavor, which is a shame, but it’s still a really good cookie. Crumbly but soft and just sweet enough.

Next time: Oregon brings us some sliced chocolate shortbread cookies with hazelnuts and sea salt.

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