Iowa: Glazed Apple Fritter Cookie Bites

Iowa’s cookie is not quite a cookie, not quite a muffin, and imitate apple fritters, with bits of fresh apple and a cinnamon glaze.

Recipe source:

I love apple fritters. Real ones, not like what you get today, at Dunkin Donuts or elsewhere, where it’s a glazed, fried hunk of dough with apple filling piped into the middle of it. I’ll eat those too, but they are not legit. A real apple fritter has bits of apple in the dough, none of this filling stuff. I don’t think I’ve yet had a cookie with fresh apple in it, so I looked forward to these.

I had to re-buy a mini muffin tin for this recipe, since my other one was lost along with a bunch of other baking stuff when we moved from our apartment to our house. We managed to neglect emptying the drawer under the oven is my guess. Always open everything before you hand in the keys, even stuff you swear you checked.

Why are these baked in a muffin tin, I wondered? Do they spread a lot otherwise?

When it comes to baking with apples, I prefer Granny Smith. They have the tartness to stand up to the substantial sugar in most recipes, the firmness to avoid going to mush when cooked, and year-round availability.

Here’s a photo of a naked granny that’s guaranteed to confuse the search engines.

I cut small dice, but depending on how present you want the apple to be, and how much you love mincing things, you could go smaller.

Tossing the apples with the dry ingredients would help keep them from sinking in a muffin.

Make a well in the middle for the wet ingredients, just like with muffins…

Slightly stiffer dough than muffin batter but wetter than cookie dough.

I dunno, guys, they look like little muffins to me. Is this like when King Arthur Flour tells you that you can make their baked cake donuts in a mini muffin tin and pretend they’re donut holes?

Michelle, did you bring a muffin recipe to a cookie contest? ๐Ÿคจ

They look like chicken meatballs.

Instead of drizzling the glaze, I spooned it over to glaze them entirely. Then they looked like Swedish meatballs.

My husband was not tempted.

Overall impressions: I thought they at least tasted like an apple fritter and definitely had the mouthfeel of the dense dough with firm apple chunks. The raw sugar in the glaze added crunch.

But the second day? I don’t know if it’s because it seems to be monsoon season around here lately, or the natural high humidity of summer, or the hygroscopic (water absorbing) quality of all that sugar glaze, plus the moisture of the apples and applesauce, plus an airtight container… But they’re soggy. The glaze is melting off. They might be going in the trash tomorrow.

Apple Fritter bites, sure. Make them in dry weather and eat them the first day. But cookies? Try again.

EDIT: Even soggy, these are yummy heated up and topped with vanilla ice cream. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Next time: Sunflower seed and butterscotch chip cookies from Kansas. Definitely a cookie this time. Most of them will probably go to work with my husband because he’s not a butterscotch fan, but I think I’ll enjoy them.

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  1. Samantha says:

    Not cookies, cookie BITES! ๐Ÿ™‚ They look a little like protein balls. Yumm!


    1. bakeonthru says:

      Yeah, the Alaska ones weren’t really cookies either, and some coming up are obviously whoopie pies (not that I’m complaining!)


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