That’s my jam

Well, I may be getting to bake those Arizona cookies this weekend (or tomorrow; we’re due for a blizzard), because the prickly pear jelly came in, yay!

No wonder shipping was so cheap; it was packed in a bubble envelope! It was also wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap, so unless someone crushed it, it wasn’t getting hurt.

Check it out, very nice:

I admire the effort it took to make this jelly, because I heard prickly pears are a bear to deal with. They have these needles that are like slivers of glass; in one of my textbooks it said to handle them with tongs and use a knife to scrape the needles off.

Looks legit.

Of course I had to try it. It tastes like some kind of be berry, somewhere between a strawberry and a raspberry. The only time I think I’ve had prickly pear anything was a San Pellegrino that’s flavored with that and orange.

I know I could’ve used another kind of jelly, but then it wouldn’t be Arizona. I’m trying to stay as close to the recipes as I can. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay a premium for shipping.


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