Sorry for the radio silence

I’m still here! My husband’s birthday was this weekend and I made him a completely from scratch (we’ll, it’s not like I made the Graham crackers that the crust was made from) banana cream pie, one of his favorites. That means the baby let me make the crust and homemade custard without a fuss. What a good baby 🙂

In any case, I haven’t baked any more of the United States of Cookies yet, but I did just order the prickly pear jelly from Arizona Marmalade Shop on Etsy, the only place selling for a reasonable price and a reasonable amount of shipping. Another place was selling for $5 and $17+ for shipping! I know it’s a glass jar but sheesh!

So, whenever that comes in and I have a free weekend, I’ll make the Prickly Pear Orange Pecan Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies for Arizona. 

And speaking of pie, I found the next project: 50 of Taste of Home’s best pie recipes.


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